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Trolleys built for Glass: Efficiency in Motion

Move glass safely & efficiently in your workspace. Discover AWT’s industrial glass trolleys, designed for secure & effortless handling of all glass types.Trolleys build for glass: Efficiency in motion

Industrial glass trolleys are essential for efficient and safe glass handling in workplaces. They eliminate the dangers of manually carrying glass, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring a smoother workflow. These specialised trolleys offer a multitude of benefits, promoting safety, mobility and overall productivity. Let’s explore why industrial glass trolleys are a valuable asset for any business that works with glass.

folding door trolley frame with wheels

Mobility and flexibility for glass handling

Industrial glass trolleys make it easy to move heavy and fragile glass panels around your workspace. They feature smooth-gliding wheels that won’t scratch or damage glass surfaces. These trolleys are ideal for factories, warehouses and glass processing facilities. They allow you to move glass items quickly and efficiently, eliminating the risk of injury from manual lifting.

Enhancing productivity and safety

One of the key advantages of employing industrial glass trolleys is the boost in productivity and safety they provide. Less time spent on manually carrying glass translates to more time saved for important tasks and a safer working environment for your employees. This streamlined approach also improves efficiency and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

Optimisation trolley

Versatility for Diverse Glass Handling Needs

AWT International offers a wide range of industrial glass trolleys to cater to various glass handling requirements. From large, single glass panels to smaller, multiple panes, there’s a trolley to suit your specific needs. Here are a couple of examples:

Half Jumbo Glass Rack: This robust trolley is designed for secure and effortless handling of half jumbo glass sizes. The Half Jumbo Glass Rack has padded support beams and secure strapping system ensure the safe transportation of your valuable glass.

Glass Racking System: This modular racking system provides a versatile storage solution for various sized glass panels.

Ready to upgrade your glass storage?

Contact AWT International today at 0161 723 1551 or to discuss your specific needs. Double down on efficiency and unlock the potential of efficient glass storage with our innovative Double Sided Storage Rack.

​Examples of trolleys with wheels:

AWT provide a wide range of trucks and trolleys to suit different requirements. Here are some examples:

Door Trolley (with Wheels): Ideal for door manufacturers and distributors, this AWT International door trolley with wheels streamlines door handling. Wheels make loading, unloading and transporting heavy things a breeze. This reduces the risk of damage and makes it easier to find the right goods for multiple deliveries.

Cut Profile Trolley: AWT International’s Cut Profile Trolley optimises space in your workplace. This space-saving trolley holds a maximum weight of 800kg and has a handy 400mm shelf – perfect for moving cut profiles!

Frame and Sealed Unit Trolley: AWT’s Frame and Sealed Unit Trolley speeds up busy loading areas. This strong trolley lets you move whole orders at once, saving time and protecting your products.

Horizontal Cut Profile Trolley: AWT’s Horizontal Cut Profile Trolley enables you to move long quality materials with ease! It has sleeves to protect delicate profiles. This robust trolley boasts a 750kg capacity for efficient handling of lengthy profiles.

Choosing the right trolley

Selecting the appropriate industrial glass trolley depends on your specific needs. Consider the size and weight of the glass panels you typically handle, as well as the manoeuvring space within your workspace. AWT International’s knowledgeable team can assist you in choosing the perfect glass trolley to optimise your operations.

Looking for the perfect trolley? AWT International provides a comprehensive selection of trolleys with wheels to suit diverse needs. They have a range of trolleys for every job! From heavy duty trolleys for construction sites and factories to warehouse trolleys and lightweight options for stores, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

Industrial glass trolleys represent a fundamental component of safe and efficient glass handling strategies. By incorporating these specialised trolleys into your workflow, you can significantly improve safety for your employees, streamline your operations, and boost overall productivity. AWT International offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality industrial glass trolleys to suit your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how our glass handling solutions can elevate your business.

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