A-frame Trolleys

Order A Frame trolley products from AWT International. Our A-frames for sale are available in a range of colours & options.

AMJ International develops and produces a variety of trolleys, buggies and movable A-frames for our clients based on their needs. Our specialist range of trolleys, stillages and A-frames can help you move materials safely across a job site or workshop. Call us on 0161 723 1551 or email info@glass-handling.co.uk to enquire about our A frame trolleys for sale.

Our A frame trolleys are manufactured from high-quality steel and finished in a variety of colours to meet your requirements. We offer a full painting service on all items. Plastic coated A-frames are for use on light floors only, due to the surface being more susceptible to scratching. All our manufacturing is carried out by experienced engineers in-house, based at our premises in Radcliffe, Manchester, UK.

Glass, window frames, boarding panels, and sheet materials are all easily stored and transported in heavy-duty A frame trolleys. A-frame trolleys are versatile and offer good storage space, while being lightweight to transport. The main framed structure design of an A-frame is unique in that the top beams are angled to be at 90° angles. This allows you to store items both above and below the base frame.

A frame trolleys are an efficient and cost-effective storage solution, reducing the need for costly forklift trucks or internal transportation. A-frames can be used to create an effective order picking system to keep your stock levels under control. A frame trolleys come in a variety of sizes and we can customise them to your exact requirements.

We stock a range of A frame trolleys for sale, in a variety of sizes and materials. All our own A frame trolleys in-house to guarantee the best quality materials. Our steel is sourced from reputable manufacturers to ensure it is high-quality and long-lasting. Our A-frames are built to enable glazing contractors to safely transport glass sheets from work sites to the point where they are then lifted into position and fastened.  A frame can be utilised in a variety of industries, including agriculture, automobiles, shipping and logistics. A frame trolleys can be made to order and we pride ourselves on our quality and durability, as well as the speed of delivery for all orders.

A Frame Trolleys for Sale

We pride ourselves on being able to customise our A-frame trolleys to your specific needs at very short notice.


  • Lifting eyes (including certificate)
  • Fork entries / Soft castors
  • Each trolley comes with hard castors: 2x fixed. 1x swivel, 1x swivel brake.
  • Standard weight limit 1000Kg on all 3 sizes (unless requested otherwise)

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