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Find our range of glass stillages here from AWT International, hand made by skilled engineers, to meet your requirements.

AWT International is a leading supplier of quality glass stillages throughout the UK. These products are made to order with our high standard of workmanship and customer service. We can provide you with an extensive range of sizes, shapes and colours for all your storage needs. Our stillage services include bespoke items on request. Call us on 0161 723 1551 or email to discuss your requirements.

AWT International are the largest glass handling equipment provider, manufacturing and supplying glass stillages worldwide. Glass stillages or A-frame racks as they are more commonly known are manufactured using glass handling expertise.

AWT glass stillages are made mainly to factory standard and size. However, bespoke stillages are on the increase due to larger glass panels being used on modern buildings where glass dominates the architectural appearance. A-frame stillages are widely used throughout the glass industry for transporting various sizes of sheet or sealed double glazed units. A stillage can also be used for other sheet material that need the protection of the frame when transporting from A to B.

Glass Stillages for sale

The standard glass stillages are supplied as part of the complete glass handling solution, glass handling equipment and glass lifting systems.

You can find a range of glass stillages solutions available at AWT including our lightweight and heavyweight glass stillage products.

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