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ITEM NO: 0012A

Bi-fold Door Trolley

Unlock seamless organisation and effortless transportation of your bi-fold door frames with our specialised Bi-Fold Door Trolley. Crafted to enhance your workflow, this trolley is a game-changer for the efficient storage and movement of up to 20 frames in 80mm slots. It comes with 4 hard nylon castors: 2 fixed at short end and 2 swivel at the other, 1 being a brake.

It keeps each outer frame separated, allowing for easy access to all the frames in production or later in picking & dispatch.

The covered bar on the top and at the base of the trolley stops the frame twisting in transit thus. As such, it stops damage to the frame in the next gap. This innovative design ensures that each frame reaches its destination undamaged, ready for the next stage in production.

Available in blue, green or black. Choose the colour that resonates with your brand or adds a pop of vibrancy to your workplace.

Please note: This Bi-fold Door Trolley can be made to suit your profile. Get in touch for more details. Call 0161 723 1551 or email







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