New target levels of efficiency have increased demand for triple glazed units

New target levels of efficiency have increased demand for triple glazed units. The demand for energy-efficient construction solutions is rising due to concerns about climate change and increasing utility costs. This has driven the rising standards of energy efficiency in buildings.​

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Advantages of triple-glazed units in modern construction

Triple-glazed units are fast becoming the new standard important factor in modern construction practices. They consist of three panes of glass with two air gaps to provide better insulation and reduced heat loss. They measure 44mm wide compared to 28mm double-glazed units.

The air gaps act as insulators, preventing heat from escaping the building and keeping noise levels low. These make it an ideal option for use in busy environments such as hospitals or airports.

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As a result, we have trolleys, a-frames and stillages specifically designed to store, transport and install 44mm triple-glazed units quickly and safely. All these systems have gaps to fit 44mm triple-glazed systems.

These systems excel in handling heavier loads and ensuring minimal breakage through added durability. They also save time in production and increase ease of loading and unloading vehicles.

Investing in these specialised glass transportation systems protects your valuable triple-glazed units. It also enhances worker safety during handling and transportation.

We understand the importance of delivering your products safely and on time, which is why we continuously strive to improve and innovate our products to meet the ever-changing demands of the construction industry. With the continued push towards sustainable and energy-efficient construction practices, you can expect AWT to produce even more innovative ways to transport any new highly efficient glazing units in the future.
You can save time, money and energy with AWT’s transportation systems while also contributing to a more sustainable future. Join the increasing number of companies who are making the switch to triple-glazed units and rely on AWT’s reliable transport solutions for your glazing needs.

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