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Material Handling Equipment

AWT International offers a wide range of material handling equipment. It’s designed to meet diverse business needs. Our featured products in this category include the A Frame Trolley, Bar Cutting Station, Folding Door Trolley, Double Sided Storage Rack, Frame and Sealed Unit Trolley, Glass Stillage, Slab Buggy and Stillage Bogie.

The A Frame Trolley, available at competitive prices, provides a sturdy and efficient solution for transporting heavy goods within your warehouse or factory. Our Bar Cutting Station, constructed with high-quality materials, offers precise cutting capabilities for reinforcing bars and beads. For easy manoeuvrability, our Folding Door Trolley and Door Trolley with Wheels are ideal choices. These trolleys are designed to securely handle doors while ensuring smooth movement. The Double Sided Storage Rack provides ample storage space and easy access to stored items, optimising your organisation’s efficiency.

When it comes to handling frames and sealed units, our Frame and Sealed Unit Trolley is a reliable option, offering stability and durability. Our Glass Stillage is specifically designed to safely store and transport delicate glass items. For smaller-scale transportation needs, our Slab Buggy offers a lightweight and manoeuvrable solution. Lastly, our Stillage Bogie provides a versatile platform for moving stillages and heavy loads.

At AWT International, we understand the importance of durable, reliable, and safe material handling equipment. Our products are built to last, and we offer a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure your peace of mind. Choose AWT International as your trusted supplier of high-quality material handling products. Contact us today on 0161 723 1551 to discuss your specific requirements or email with any enquiries and discover the right solutions for your business.

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