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ITEM NO: 0003

Cut Profile Trolley

Unleash the potential of your workspace with AWT International's Efficient Cut Profile Trolley. Measuring at 1220mm in length, 1600mm in height and 850mm in width, this trolley is designed for optimal space utilisation. Despite its compact size, it boasts a 400mm shelf and a robust structure, ensuring a maximum load capacity of 800kg.

Choose beyond functionality and express your style with our cut profile trolley, available in three vibrant colours – blue, green, or black. Customise it to meet your specific needs, whether you require an extra shelf for enhanced functionality or a trolley that complements your workplace aesthetic. Trust in the reliability of AWT International and elevate your efficiency with the Efficient Cut Profile Trolley.

All trolleys come with the following:

  • 400mm shelf
  • Max Load: 800kg

Our cut profile trolley is available in blue, green or black, giving you the flexibility to choose the colour that best fits your needs.