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ITEM NO: 0029 B

Double Sided Production Rack

AWT International's Double Sided Production Rack is the ideal solution for industrial production and manufacturing needs. Featuring a two-sided design, this rack ensures maximum efficiency in any production line setting. With a high build and a choice of blue, green or black colours available, this rack is designed to fit seamlessly into any workplace environment.

The Double Sided Production Rack offers a robust construction and is suitable for many different production line uses. A heavy-duty frame ensures the stability of materials when stored on it and its durable design provides an extra layer of protection.

This Double Sided Production Rack is designed to improve the efficiency of your production flow and reduce downtime while increasing productivity. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for both small scale and larger industrial businesses.

HIGH BUILD: Available in blue, green or black.

From £1,044.00 +VAT