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At AWT International, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality glass handling safety equipment that exceeds industry standards. Our comprehensive range of products, including glass rack trolleys, a frame racks and more, is designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of your glass handling processes.

Whether you’re in need of robust trolleys, durable stillages or innovative glass rack solutions, our equipment is meticulously engineered to create a secure work environment. AWT International’s commitment to excellence ensures that our equipment plays a pivotal role in the entire glass supply chain – from manufacturing to transportation and installation.

Trusted by manufacturers, transportation providers and installation experts worldwide, our glass handling equipment is recognised for its reliability and performance. With a focus on safety and operational efficiency, our products contribute to the seamless handling of glass throughout various stages of production.

Explore our wide range of glass handling safety equipment and discover tailored solutions for your specific needs. AWT International remains dedicated to delivering industry-leading products that optimise the materials handling process, setting new benchmarks for safety and reliability.

Choose AWT International for your glass handling equipment needs. Experience the difference that excellence in design and engineering can make in your operations.

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Bespoke Design

Discover a varied range of glass and profile handling equipment at AWT International. This ranges from stillages and dunnage, racks and tables to specialised optimisation trolleys and more. All products are made to order from our customers’ specifications and include bespoke items on request. Our glass and profile handling equipment range also includes a high-quality glass rack cart, built to last. It can be customised to meet individual specifications. At AWT International, we take pride in our ability to provide bespoke material handling solutions for our clients. Whether you’re in need of a glass stillage dunnage, A-frame trolley, optimisation trolley or a custom glass rack cart, we’ve got you covered.

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